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Grandmas Crazy Chickebns

Susan newest book,
Grandma's Crazy Chickens,
will be released in July 2012!

Supper time is near and Grandpa is getting hungry with a "hankering" for chicken soup...but it would seem the chickens got the message and now after the have children searched the entire farm, there's not a chicken to be found! Not even a feather! What to do? Grandma is going to have to come up with Plan B for supper...but what? Book number four is another whimsical rhyming picture book by Susan E. Snyder, sure to elicit giggles from beginning readers who will want to read along.

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Susan's Books

Shivers and Shakes

Another rhyming book geared at beginning readers about a mischievous little boy who brings something to school which absolutely sends his poor teacher Miss Violett “right up the walls”! Another surprise ending, leading us back to the original fear of our author….can you guess what???? Also illustrated by Anna Johanson…even MORE talented by the age of 14! What a role model for students!

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There’s a Frog Trapped in the Bathroom!

Everyone seems to have a “frog in the bathroom” experience! This book is a favorite to all who read it! A rhyming story aimed at beginning readers about the havoc which occurs when a group of unsuspecting girls encounter a frog “trapped” in the girls bathroom at school. Just when they think the critter is gone for good, they find something even more frightening “hanging” around the ceiling….read and see what scares this author much more than frogs!

Illustrated by thirteen year old art sensation Anna Johanson, who was featured several years ago on Orlando’s Channel 2 news with Bill Shaffer for her talent.

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The Very Stubborn Centipede

Another rhyming book geared at beginning readers, once again about a pesky little critter who makes it’s way into the kitchen and attaches itself to the toe of our unsuspecting victim (me!) This story was also taken from a true story! Ahhh! Read it and see who comes to my rescue….. Also illustrated by Anna Johanson at the ripe old age of 13!

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A Stubborn Centipede and Lots of Fun
Book Review by a Mom

A year ago for Christmas, my youngest daughter was given a copy of this book, The Very Stubborn Centipede, by Susan Snyder and illustrated by Anna Johanson, along with two other books by the same author and illustrator. We have enjoyed this books so much that I wanted to share it with you.


A very determined (stubborn) centipede makes his way into a lady's home and latches onto her foot. No matter what she does, yelling, screaming, dancing around her kitchen, the centipede will not let go. He wiggles and squiggles, moving from one toe to another, and seems to be enjoying his mischief. After a bit, he tires out and slides across this kitchen floor in an attempt to escape a broom. He manages to escape the broom, but meets his match when the family cat appears.

The book is written in fun, lyrical rhymes with large, engaging pictures. The expressions on the faces of the characters are hysterical, and the descriptions used to describe the action are fun, entertaining, and make the reader feel as if they understand completely the emotions of the main character (the HUMAN main character).

Why Aubrey Liked the Book

Aubrey, age 5, stated that she liked the part of the book where the cat held up the centipede, crossed his hands, and became the hero of the story. She said she liked it because of the look on the cat's face. :)



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