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Jumping Frog


Thank you for visiting my web site. Here you can get "the inside scoop" on each of my books.. You can learn about my rhyming, school, library or store appearances and how I use props to make them fun.–  Enjoy!

Susan E. Snyder

The Rhyming Writer

Most of my story ideas come right from incidents which happened at Harbour View Elementary (the school I worked at) or things that happen at home. I have learned that there is ALWAYS another story waiting to be told and something to giggle at if you are just observant!

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Upcoming Appearances

April 26 & 27, 2013
Amelia Island Festival

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New photos from
Celebrate Literacy Week in Florida
Kick-off Event  

Susan visits Maplewood Elementary School.
Susan was invited to take part in the Florida Literacy Kick-off event with Ann Scott, Florida's first lady, at Villages Intermediate Charter School
on Jan 14, 2013

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Featured Books

Grandma's Crazy Chickens
Supper time is near and Grandpa is getting hungry with a "hankering" for chicken soup... Book number four is another whimsical rhyming picture book by Susan E. Snyder and published by Firefly Publishing, sure to elicit giggles from beginning readers who will want to read along.

Available through
FireFly Publishings & Entertainment

Shivers and Shakes
Eye-catching illustrations and a rhyming narrative engage young readers in the story of Sam, the mischievous new kid who takes advantage of his teacher's fear of snakes by planting one in her desk drawer.

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The Very Stubborn Centipede
A rhyming book for beginning readers, once again about a pesky little critter who makes it’s way into the kitchen and attaches itself to the toe of our unsuspecting victim.

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There's a frog trapped in the bathroom
Everyone seems to have a “frog in the bathroom” experience! This book is a favorite to all who read it!

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